News Alert. Voter Intimidation. National Coordinator for Tea Party Patriots Spearheads Effort to Police Democratic Party Voters During Tuesday, July 22nd General Primary Run-off Election in Georgia's 10th Congressional District. Jody Hice Echoes Strategy on Cox Radio Show Aired in Athens.
Anonymous Mailer Triggers Controversy.
Athens Ga- Debbie Dooley, a leader of one of the nation's largest organized Tea Party groups plans to monitor the Ga-10 run-off election set for Tuesday to determine the Republican winner in the race to replace Congressman Paul Broun.
"You can bet we will also be interviewing people in the tenth on election day...", Dooley commented on a blog post published by Peach Pundit on July 12th. "...And I already have a list of voters in the tenth that normally vote in Democrat primaries and that have contributed to Democratic causes/candidates."
Thousands of voters living in the district are eligible to vote Tuesday, including most registered Democrats that did not vote in the May 20th General Primary Election.
The outspoken Tea Party Patriot is closely associated with Broun and other politicians recently handed big defeats and supports Hice over Mike Collins, a businessman from a small town in the mostly rural district.
Hice, a loser in a 2010 Congressional race in a different district and someone who believes all Libertarians and Democrats are enemies of his agenda, is a former preacher that left his calling behind several years back to become a politician.
Some believe Hice lost his front runner status in the run-off after attacking Collin's father at a recent public debate.
Collin's dad was a former Republican congressman back in the day and once soundly defeated Broun, a former Democrat and son of a popular state senator now deceased, in a political race years ago.
A significant number of long time Republicans living in the district support Collins and many carry a historic disdain for the scorched earth politics of Dooley, Broun, Hice and others.
Hice echoed Dooley's scheme to monitor Tuesday's election in a recent interview on a local radio show, saying his campaign had pulled a list of Democratic Party voters and hired a lawyer.
The plan was launched by Dooley after an anonymous mailer was sent to probably just a handful of voters, including a family member of a prominent local radio newsman.
The mailer listed several reasons why not to vote for Hice in the run-off, including a comment he made awhile back on women running for political office.
No one publicly questioned Dooley or Hice on when they became aware of the mailer or if they are coordinating activities to monitor Tuesday's election.
Anyone wishing to vote on Tuesday can simply check with the local election office or poll workers if they are unsure of their status.
Politicians like Dooley and Hice have no authority whatsoever to determine whether a citizen should be able to vote or not in a particular election.
Written by Michael Smith, insights editor for Crush Paul Broun, a DIY style journalistic endeavor protected by the 1st Amendment to our Constitution.
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